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Share your passion effortlessly

Reading Time: 1 minuteStanding out in a sea of fashion content creators has become increasingly challenging. Creating a personalized branded app is essential to your success as a social influencer. Swiftic lets you earn more by launching your own mobile store and share your favorite fashion essentials through affiliate links, allowing you to monetize your passion effortlessly.

Combine beauty with business sense

Reading Time: 1 minuteSwiftic is the premium branded app creation platform for social influencers in the beauty and makeup space. Give your brand a digital makeover by customizing your feed to match your own unique style, while easily updating your fans on all the hottest beauty trends.

Motivate your fans on the go

Reading Time: 1 minuteContent that inspires is content that reaches a wider audience. Swiftic helps you share your health and fitness expertise with your dedicated audience, directly to their mobile device with push notifications. Keep your fans pumped, and keep them coming back for more!

Put your music center stage

Reading Time: 1 minuteFrom tour dates to selling merch, musicians have enough challenges to deal with, increasing your fan base and engaging with your diehard fans shouldn’t be one of them. Keep your fans updated on the go with event calendars and social integrations. Reach a wider audience where they’re spending the most time, right on their mobile devices.

Food for thought

Reading Time: 1 minuteSocial Foodie Influencers now have the power to turn everyday restaurants into must-visit establishments. Whether you’re promoting over-the-top indulgences or a healthy lifestyle, Swiftic is the ideal solution to help you share content that resonates with your legion of hungry fans. Bon Appetit!

Going WorldWide

Reading Time: 1 minuteSocial media influencers have a large hold on where millennials travel and experience the world. Validate and strengthen your personal brand by launching your own branded app, and tap into the massive value of your travel content.

Stand Out from the Competition

Reading Time: 1 minuteOwning your own personalized mobile app greatly contributes to boost awareness for your social content. Be the first in your niche to benefit from Swiftic’s rich and intuitive branded app platform and surpass your fans expectations by engaging with them in the most timely and personalized way, directly on their mobile phones!

Own your social assets

You’ve spent hundreds of hours passionately building your social following, don’t risk losing fans in the ever-changing social landscape. Protect your social community by inviting them to join you, on your personal branded app.
Own your social assets

Get to know your super fans

Data is power, making social influencers who truly understand their audience far more valuable to today’s top brands. Take advantage of Swiftic’s rich analytics to collect and understand key information about your fans such as their gender, email, phone, location, interests and much more. We’ve made it super simple for you to get to know your audience and ultimately earn more for your influence.
Get to know your super fans

Strengthen your engagement

As a social influencer, you’ve amassed a vast amount of followers only to be held back by the limitations set by social networks. Swiftic’s platform gives you the powerful features you need to increase engagement with your fans, while delivering personalized content that truly resonates with your audience.
Strengthen your engagement

Monetize Your Influence

Benefit from a platform that empowers you towards maximizing your full monetization potential with a set of rich features such as, your own branded store, affiliate links, personalized offers, push notifications and much more. Launch your branded app with Swiftic and start earning more today.
Monetize Your Influence

Tailor made influencers’ features

From push notifications and social integrations, to personalized feeds and monetization tools. Swiftic delivers a variety of features perfectly suited to your influential needs!

Custom feed
Special push notifications
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