Social networks such as Facebook and Instagram were built on the principle of creating real connections, with real people, but the harsh reality is that social media today is very much a numbers game, and for some people that means gaming the system with fake likes to boost up their social value.

To make it worse, there’s no lack of services that promise ‘hundreds of instagram followers’ or quick ways to ‘get more instagram followers’ for a minimal amount of cash. These fake instagram do absolutely nothing but hurt your profile and the network in general.

Whether you are a personal content creator or brand, fake followers can cost your credibility. If you’ve been hoping to set up as a credible and trustworthy brand, then your bot followers can damage your reputation irreparably by attacking your list of genuine followers.

Of course, there’s a huge difficulty in attracting real and genuine Instagram followers to your account, and this can be frustrating at times, since we all want to gain more real instagram followers, but in the long run, having zero or very few fake followers in your list will certainly prove to be more beneficial towards building a following and engagement with those fans.

Keep in mind that instagram is all about engagement, and it’s essential to identify and cleanse out your fake followers. Sure we all want to get real Instagram followers, but it’s equally important to drop the fake accounts that may be hitting your engagement rate.

To give you the winning edge, and keep your account clean of fake Instagram spam bots, here are some quick and easy ways to weed out the phonies:

Check your followers’ profile

Once a while, it pays to check the profile status of your followers. See whether they are posting pictures or videos regularly. If an account is simply liking or forwarding your Instagram pics, this means that a bot is at work. Real accounts will usually post on a regular basis, making it easy to tell the real instagram accounts from the fake.

Check your apps

In the rush to subscribe to some of the many digital services, and get more instagram followers quickly, we often give permission to many apps obtain our personal information from other downloaded apps. We all need to pause a bit to find out what kind of permissions these apps really need. Some of these embed into our Instagram accounts and, to put it simply, welcome bots to invade our account.

Locked accounts

There are certain bots that follow others but keep their accounts locked. It may be the case with your bogus followers as well. Try following a few bots and you will find that some of them have hidden their information. Even if you add yourself to their list of followers, their profile information will still remain concealed. These followers are fake and their only purpose is to follow you and invade your privacy. Delete them instantly from your follower list.


A lot of brands are currently running offers on Instagram, and some of them aren’t genuine at all. They try to gain your attention by offering you goodies like a free iPhone or the option of a high paying job by practically sitting at home. It may not seem harmful initially to explore these offers, but once you click on them, you will notice an immediate following of these Phishers that double up as cyber-criminals. In most cases, these fake accounts link up with other fake accounts in the hope that someone will ultimately fall prey to their tricks of the trade.

Check Images

Another Fake-Instagram-Followers-Check-Tool is finding the source of the images on the ‘bots’ profile. Some bots try to look genuine, by adding posts and comments that will enable you to believe that their accounts are real. However, try to Google Search the image and find out the source of that attractive picture. If that pretty image is all over the internet and on various social profiles, this may mean that you are being followed by a bot.

Analyze your followers’ followers

This method is a little tedious but worth the try if you want to cleanse your closet. Many of these bots are well networked together. This means that one follower bot has a number of follower bots attached to it and so on, the chain continues. Therefore, it is essential to dive deep into your follower stats to find out how many of them are fake. In this case, some of the followers of your bots may include genuine accounts, who may be the victim followers here; so you will have to be careful on that score.

To make a long story short

You put in a good amount of effort towards creating your Instagram feed and gain more instagram followers, and an equal chunk of times goes into running it with daily updates. Don’t let bots take advantage of your hard work. Some of them are run by devious affiliate brands who are looking to tap into your market, while the others are just looking to source out your personal information and sell it.

So to conclude, even though it’s a massive task to get genuine followers to your Instagram account, it’s an altogether wise move to get rid of any phony fan bots you might find along the way.