Social Influencer marketing has expanded exponentially over the past few years. We’ve seen the industry go from a rising marketing tactic to an essential part of most marketing budgets for today’s top brands.
From the creator’s perspective, keeping track of all the tools and services available at their disposal is no easy task. That being said, who doesn’t want to streamline their business?
That’s what this post is all about, giving social content creators and influencers essential tools that will free up some of their crucial time so they can focus on doing what they do best, creating funny, exciting and inspiring social content we’re so hungry for.
I have to admit, some of these solutions were new even to me, and I can’t wait to try them out. Let’s dive right in…

Social Drift - Instagram automation
Social Drift is used by many social media influencers with millions of followers and considered a must-use tool for Instagram marketers. It automates interaction by likes, comments, or follows which helps in increasing follower counts organically. This, in turn, motivates the users to check out your account and follow in return. Social media influencers like Sprint and McDonald’s are using Social Drift to establish consistent engagement with their audience on Instagram.

Buffer - Simply your posts schedule
Buffer basically does one job and it does it in the best possible manner, making it a popular digital marketing tool. The main purpose of this tool is to simply schedule your social media posts. This means you don’t have to log in and log out of multiple social media accounts throughout the day to maintain the consistency of your posts. Within just half an hour, you can schedule posts for your entire week; talk about efficient.

Unsplash - Free creative images
One of the important aspects of social media marketing is high-quality content. And Unsplash offers you an extensive database of high-resolution, watermark-free, beautiful images that are free to use. Simply search for the collection in the search bar like “Sunset Photos”, and you will be offered a ton of options to choose from. Once you have found the right image, you can either download it or save it directly to your collection. With such a broad collection of high-resolution images present at your disposal, you will never face the consequences of poor quality content. - Aggragate data
There are numerous tools that present important marketing analytics but there are very few that present the data as efficiently as It aggregates the entire advertising data in one clean and organized dashboard that makes it more efficient for the marketers to compare different social media marketing strategies across different channels. Moreover, it is integrated with a premier tool like Google Analytics; this allows the social media influencers to understand whether the ads are generating Return on Investment (ROI).

Canva - Free design tools
Photos and Videos are two very crucial aspects of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Therefore, influencers are often under pressure to generate visually appealing graphics and videos to allure the audience and amplify their brand awareness. Canva comes with various designs tools and tutorials offering users an array of innovative and fresh design ideas to produce. Owing to the extensive variety that this tool offers, even an influencer with limited experience can create striking post designs and attract a good number of followers.

Splice - Video editing
Splice is a popular video-editing tool created by GoPro dedicated to social media platforms. It is a great tool for those to generally edit video content on the go. You can trim, crop, add animations, apply filters, and customize video content in a single easy-to-use application. This way the influencers will always have fresh and creative content to offer, thereby enhancing the overall quality of their channel.

HootSuite - Juggle between social platforms
HootSuite is an amazing social media tool that allows you to juggle between different platforms without any clutter. It gives you the freedom to manage and control multiple social media accounts, all at once. It has a comprehensive white dashboard that displays all your statistics, mentions, and interactions to monitor the performances of all the platforms in one place. This allows the influencers to track their efforts in an organized manner and save a lot time which can be further invested generating meaningful content. - Get paid for your passion allows creators to quickly and effortlessly monetize their content by launching their own Fan Club.
Today’s social influencers are often held back from unleashing their full marketing potential due to limitations imposed by social networks. Our mission is to give creators the solutions they need to monetize their work, such as a VIP club, publishing exclusive content, opening a branded store, sharing affiliate links, creating personalized offers, push notifications and much more.
Influencer marketing has evolved as the new booming trend in digital marketing and dedication or not to these above-mentioned tools will ultimately decide your fate as an influencer and your ability to earn that sweet 25 grand per post.