The impact of social media influencers in almost every industry, from travel to tech has been proven to create a significant impact on the growth, sales, and brand equity.

But let’s hold that thought for a moment. Not everyone can go from content creator status to full blow social media influencer. Today’s top creators put together a strategy towards building their reach, without leaving anything to luck. Additionally, a strategy is nothing without solid dedication and execution to put keep it on course.

Below are some of the tricks of the trade that we’ve accumulated to assist both seasoned and aspiring social media influencers towards growing their channel from a few dozen views, to a massive audience:

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Be Open to New Trends

There are constantly new platforms cropping up. Staying up-to-date with new platforms and technologies gives up and coming social content creators the upper hand. Early adoption of new social media channels will help you stand out from the rest. Users of new social platforms are typically very engaging and welcoming. This offers you a window of opportunity to establish a strong following even before the wave of mainstream adoption. By the time the platform reaches peak popularity, you would already have garnered a loyal following with a great engagement and influence rate.

Listen and Engage

Social media is not just about posts; just stuffing your channels with posts will not get you any followers, at least loyal ones for that matter. While consistent posting is vital, it is more important to ensure that your posts are reaching out to the desired audience with impact; i.e., the posts are generating engagement. There is also a dire need to step up and engage with the community. For example, you like a tip on summer fashion by a user; give them a like or comment saying how helpful their tips were to you. Creating a strong bond within the community itself will pitch you as a positive and friendly face in the market, which is a sure formula for increasing followers.

Content Remains the King

We cannot enough the importance of good content in the social media world. Your audience, story, and tone are the three crucial facets that would help you generate impactful content. Scrutinize the web, pen down all the important aspects, and then curate a content strategy that will work best for the brand. Your every post should be the answer to “Why should people follow you?” Stick to the core of your concept, but make sure to add new perspectives and innovations to it frequently.

[Pull Stat] - “62% people of say that they follow an influencer because of the quality of their content.”

Accept Criticisms:

Whether you are an entertainer, marketer or anyone in the public eye, you will have to learn and understand the art of handling criticism. Criticism is something that comes with the stature you hold and there is not way to avoid it, so might as well change your perspective towards it. If you can develop as a person who in the true sense can handle constructive criticism, pretty soon your critics will be the ones molding you into a better and evolved influencer. Besides, being an influencer isn’t about being a dictator; it’s about creating a movement and regular criticism helps generate that flow.

Maintain Consistency

With such cut-throat competition in the market, you have to maintain your presence constantly. There should be at least one post on your channel on a daily basis. It’s definitely not going to be easy but you have to present your audience with fresh content regularly to keep them glued to your channel. That is where content strategy, marketing strategy, time management, and an array of other facets would help you achieve the consistency and reliability for your channel.

Be Approachable

This should really be one of the first tips right off the bat; Charisma goes a long way. One of the basics qualities of a great social media influencer should be the ability to connect with people. Even with a diversified content, you must maintain every man’s approach. Being a prima donna or disconnected from reality isn’t something that works on social media. Well, for some reason it might be their ‘thing’ but keeping up a fake persona will wear you out, and that’s not a situation you want to be in. Keep your content and engagement relatable, so that your followers can view you as one of them.

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