Nearly every person exposed to any kind of media is constantly bombarded with advertisements. The volume of ads we are exposed to has rendered a vast majority of them being useless or irrelevant. Some might even feel that marketing, on the whole, has lost its potential as there isn’t any other way a product to be promoted.

Or there is?

Social Influencers are quickly redefining the traditional marketing methods by creating a direct and personal connection with their fan base. Social influencers and micro-influencers could be thought of as present day brand ambassadors, except they overcome nearly all the flaws of traditional marketing. Social influencers are people, like YouTubers, bloggers, or even consumers and retailers who are able to influence decisions and opinions of a certain demographic.

According to recent statistics, 60 percent higher campaign engagement rates are driven by micro-influencers. Those campaigns are 6.7 times more efficient per engagement than influencers with larger followings, which makes them more cost effective; and micro-influencers drive 22.2 times more weekly conversations than the average consumer.

It’s safe to say that Influencer marketing is big business with the market projected to grow to $5-10bn by 2020,  so it’s no surprise that we’re already seeing some of the world’s top brands working with influencers to promote their products and services.

By leveraging, brands and influencers can now work together smarter, towards reaching targeted audiences, and generating more business. Here’s how…

Higher Engagement Rates

In addition to the high volume of reach that social platforms can offer, delivers direct access for brands to and influencers’ most addicted and engaged audiences, their ‘super fans’.

Trackable Campaigns

Swiftic’s marketing tools for influencers such as unique native ads, targeted push notifications, email marketing, and SMS are fully trackable, helping brands create, launch and measure ROI for their social influencer campaigns.

Trend Analysis

Today’s media campaigns are all about data and optimization. Swifitic’s tools to deliver the benefit of monitoring and identifying follower interests and trends, in order to best optimize campaigns and advertising budgets.

Delivering Results

The fact is, people trust and identify with the people they choose to follow, which often means they’ll like the same brands, and being more enthusiastic about sharing what they’re passionate about. Overall for influencer marketing to work it has to authentic.

In conclusion opens a new world of branded marketing opportunities for brands and businesses, by tapping into the power of ‘word of mouth’ that only social influencers and micro-influencers can deliver, while creating trackable campaigns that are accurately measured, taking the guess work out of  social influencer marketing initiatives.