Content creators all over the world are looking to up their social game in an effort to get more followers. After all, one needs to be relevant and viral in the online world to be successful. The initial requirement of a social influencer is just that – to ensure that their posts, thoughts and ideas ideas are of a positive influence on the conversations that are taking place in the online sphere.

If you haven’t achieved ‘social influencer’ status fear not, these seven simple influencer marketing tips will help you increase your reach, gain more fans, and build up a solid social influence that can’t be overlooked.

1 Keep Good Company

Make it a point to follow accounts that are owned by brands and businesses that you feel you can drive value to. With this, other social media accounts that follow those businesses will see you. This could be the first step towards making your social connect with like-minded people and those who are in the same business as you are.  Social media networks give you several heads-ups as to which accounts you should follow and bond with once you introduce yourself, make this your first influencer marketing habit.

2 Engage With Your Audience

Once you have an audience, make sure that you take every effort to engage them. There are three kinds of posts that engage an audience. One is an informative post, where the reader gets informed, another is the entertaining post, where the audience is entertained and the third is an awareness post, where the user is made aware of aspects that they either didn’t know or hadn’t paid much attention to. It’s been noticed that humorous posts and posts that are graphical in nature or even simple informative ones work well for social influencers.

3 Share Positivity

The Internet is a cesspool of negativity and criticism. So, everyone is looking for a small, bright spot that is a stark – if welcome – difference from the negativity that goes around the internet. Of course, you’d need to make sure that your positivity doesn’t emerge as being oblivious.  The best way to keep this up by being constantly aware of what’s going on and having firm, simple opinions on them. Keeping deathly silent about something that’s rocking the conversations might also backfire, so you need to be careful about when you go into an overdrive and when you go into hibernation mode.

4 Every Follower Counts

Community building is a very important part of increasing your social influence and gaining more followers on YouTube, Twitter or Instagram. It’s not only about publishing random posts and then letting people interact with each other, it’s really all about creating content your followers are passionate about and want to interact with. As a social influencer, you should be controlling the conversation and keeping a tab on what it is constantly evolving into. To do this, you’d need to control the conversation – and building a community is the best way to do it. Social media networks routinely offer brands and even individuals to build such communities, so that the technical aspect is out of the way. While building a community, you’d need to dedicate some time to ensure that the right kind of people are coming into the community.

5 Be Personal

It’s no longer 1990. People like to interact with people and that’s the key to creating a conversation online. Therefore, it would make sense if you could interact as a person and not as the face of a corporate in your communication as a social influencer.

6 Go Offline

As previously discussed, the world of social loves interacting with people and real people spend as much time offline as they do online. Make informed decisions about how much of your offline life you want your online followers to see and you will see a rise in your followers. Look for interesting events in your niche, and reach out to organizers for speaking opportunities. It may sound a little stressful at first, but interacting with an audience is a fantastic way to build credibility and solidify your spot as a leading social influencer.

7 Acknowledge evolving trends

Keeping up on trends is essential to staying relevant. The one thing in the social industry that no one can deny is the fast-paced way in which trends come and go.  But why does this matter?

When you know what your audience is into, and what they are interested in, you are better able to effectively create content that resonates with the most popular topics. Think of it as reading your audience’s mind without asking what they’re into, saving you time in the long run. No one in the creative industry can afford to ignore the industry trends if they are looking for continual growth.

Following these steps will help you in developing that much needed social media interaction not only for the growth of your brand, but in today’s world, a must for your personal life as well.