Travel vlogging is an exciting way to talk to the world about places, history, culture, logistics, and food. It is exciting not only for the creator but also for the millions of viewers who watch their videos to gain inspiration, travel, and possibly make similar videos. However, not all of the online travel channels draw numerous viewers every day. There are a select few that rule the travel vlogging world and enthral their followers.

In this post, we’ll meet the Top 6 YouTube Travel Vloggers and find out what we can learn from them.

Check out the list below for channels that are definitely worth following. Some of them are clearly the leaders with more than a million followers each, but others are shining and working their way up. Read on to find out what they are doing right.

Fun for Louis:

FunForLouis is the online travel vlog of Louis Cole from Surrey, England, which he started in December 2012. He has over 2 Million subscribers on YouTube and is very popular because of his adventure-packed videos. Cole believes in living life to its fullest and is more passionate about how he gets to a place than the destination itself, which makes his videos all the more appealing.

Mark Wiens:

Mark Wiens was born in the United States, raised in DR Congo and Kenya, and now travels the world for the love of food. His travel vlog on YouTube and a blog called ‘Migrationology’ help travellers learn about authentic food from around the world. He believes that food is an essential way to learn about people and their cultures. His love for food and an interest to learn about tastes and flavours have made his videos hugely popular on YouTube.

Devin Super Tramp:

Devinsupertramp has over 4.9 million subscribers on YouTube and the channel is run by Devin Graham, a videographer from Utah, United States. His videos are very well made and are full of experiments. The component of excitement is very high in each one of them and viewers are often left gasping at the end of his adventurous tours; be it zip lining or skateboarding. A sense of adventure and thrill is what keeps viewers hooked.

Expert Vagabond:

Expert Vagabond may not be the most popular travel channel on YouTube in terms of the numbers of subscribers, but it is certainly one of the most inspiring ones. It is run by Matthew Karsten who has been exploring the world for the past 7 years. His display picture of him biting on a scorpion is enough to generate curiosity. Matthew has hitchhiked across the US, trekked in Afghanistan, and scuba-dived across the world and these are just a few of his vagabondish adventures.


Marko and Alex are the Vagabrothers and their videos are full of fun, adventure, and local information. They are award-winning travel videographers, photographers, and writers, all pulled together as a part of one dynamic duo. They release travel videos every Tuesday and have more than 600,000 subscribers on YouTube. Tones of humour and a hint of their personality make their videos irresistible to skip.

Hey Nadine:

Nadine Sykora is one of the top female vloggers on YouTube and her channel, ‘Hey Nadine’, has nearly 400,000 subscribers. Her videos are packed with energy and enthusiasm, and that is what makes them stand out in the crowd. She also gives out useful information such as the best deals, working abroad, and staying fit, which makes spending time on the videos all the more useful.

These are just some of the most popular travel vloggers on YouTube. There may be others who are equally interesting or even better in in niches such as wildlife, history, or culture. You can certainly choose to follow one or more depending on your interest areas.

Most importantly, if you take anything away from this post it should be this: What defines these top bloggers is their passion for travel and their commitment to to their audience. Building up both new YouTube viewers as well as maintaining audience engagement requires a fine balance . Vlogging is not an easy task to start off with, especially when you have no followers during the initial take off period. It takes loads of determination and a never-say-die attitude to keep going at it until you achieve success. One of the best ways to dive in is by learning from other creators and forming cooperation with YouTubers in your niche. So, keep vlogging, keep following and keep travelling!